Hotels Rennes

Rennes is Brittany at its finest, with historic landmarks, cultural sites and outdoor activities. This city’s marvels are just a click away.

Situated on a hill at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine Rivers, Rennes is located in the Ille-Vilaine department of Brittany. As capital of this region, Rennes serves as its administrative and judicial centre, housed in the Parliament of Brittany building, not far from the Kyriad Rennes Centre Hotel. Dating all the way back to the Roman era, the city has a historic past, both as an independent territory, and later as part of France.

Due to Rennes’ vulnerability to barbarian attacks, a brick wall was constructed around the city in the late 3rd century. The area surrounding Rennes stood as the last Roman stronghold, defending attacks from invaders such as the Visgoths and the Franks. Rennes again came under attack during the Middle Ages, facing sieges by the English and French. Brittany (and Rennes) became part of France with the marriage of its duchess to the French king.