Hotels Burgundy

The region of Burgundy is situated in east central France. It is made up of the departments of Cote d’Or, Nievre, Saone-et-Loire and Yonne. The area enjoys a largely oceanic climate mixed with a continental one, which is sometimes known as a half continental climate. The Saone River is a tributary of the Rhone and it is in the valleys around this river that the grapes are grown for the famous Burgundy wines.

The historical province of Burgundy was inhabited by the Celts, the Romans and then the Burgundians, allies of the Romans who were a Germanic tribe who settled there and created their own kingdom. It was later taken over by another Germanic tribe, the Franks. The area was later divided into the Duchy of Burgundy and the County of Burgundy. The Duchy became the modern day region of Burgundy while the County of Burgundy became Franche-Comte.