Hotels Macon

Well known for its top-class regional wine labels, Burgundy is rich in history, culture and cuisine. Deep in Burgundy, Mâcon is a charming city with a lot to offer.

Situated 65km north of Lyon, along the western bank of the Saône River, Mâcon is a small city of about 35,000. The city, which is the capital of the Mâconnais district in the Burgundy wine region, is bordered to the south by the Beaujolais hills. The city has an ancient past, which has been particularly influenced by its geographically strategic location, both on the Saône River and at the southern extreme of Burgundy.

Originally bearing the name “Matisco,” the town was under the control of the Duchy of Burgundy during the Middle Ages, serving as a point of access to the Lamartinien Valley, thanks in part to a bridge across the Saône River. The modern-day bridge is a short distance from the Kyriad Mâcon North Sancé Hotel. Mâcon also served as a boundary between French territory and the Holy Roman Empire and was briefly held by Austrian forces in the early 19th century.