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For centuries, Tours played a central role in French history. With three Kyriad hotels located around the city, you can stay just a few minutes from its famous landmarks.

Situated along the lower Loire River, deep in the Loire Valley, Tours is the capital of the Indre-et-Loire department. With a population of more than 140,000, the city is the most populated in the Centre region of France. It is also one of France’s oldest cities, with a history dating back to the Roman Empire. Tours’ geographical location, in the centre of France and on the Loire River, contributed largely to its historic significance.

In 732, the city was the sight of the Battle of Tours, which saw local forces defeat a Muslim army from the Iberian peninsula, stopping Islamic conquest of France. During much of the Middle Ages, Tours was divided in two – the old city in the east and the new city in the west. The Kyriad Saint Pierre des Corps Gare Hotel and the Kyriad Tours Centre Hotel are located in the old city, while the Kyriad South Tours-Chambray lès Tours Hotel is in the new city. Tours was the capital of France during the reign of Louis XI and until the 16th century was the residence of the French king and his courts.