Hotels Vierzon

Take a typically French Holiday in the Centre Region of France in Vierzon with Kyriad Hotels

Positioned right in the middle of France, in the Cher department is the town of Vierzon. Situated on the river Cher, the medium-sized town has some light industry and an area of forestry and farming to the north of the town. Although the Romans settled the area, they didn’t leave much trace of themselves and it wasn’t until a Benedictine monastery arrived in 926 AD that records began.

Richard The Lionheart and, later, Edward The Black Prince, burned the town and took the castle until the Plantagenets were driven out in 1370 and the town was restored to the French crown. It then became a logistics base for Joan of Arc. The town avoided trouble during WW1 but suffered during WW2 when it was divided up into the ‘free’ French zone in the south of the town and the occupied German section in the north.