Hotels Lorraine

Lorraine is a region in the north east of France. It is the only French region to have a border with three other countries, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It also borders the French regions of Alsace, Franche Comte and Champagne-Ardenne. Because of its location Lorraine has been seen as a crossroad between four nations and for that reason has become important to European and international politics. The majority of the region forms the Paris bassin.

The borders of Lorraine have shifted a lot over its history. It has changed hands many times, joining and leaving the Holy Roman Empire more than once. The modern day region of Lorraine is much bigger than what was the historical Duchy of Lorraine. The vast majority of Lorraine is very much French in culture. Otto von Bismark annexed only about a third of the region following the Franco-Prussian War, and that area is not easily identifiable as French or Germanic.