Hotels Metz

Come to Metz for a historical, cultural and yet relaxing break. Kyriad Metz hotels ensure you are within easy reach of the city centre.

Metz boasts over 3000 years of history, situated where the rivers Seine and Moselle meet. In the region of Lorraine, the city has changed hands between both France and Germany several times in the past. It also has close ties with Luxembourg and Belgium, whose borders lie nearby. Metz is famous for its use of yellow limestone and more than 100 of its buildings are designated as historic monuments. Its landscape is now made up of both medieval and contemporary buildings.

Named the French Town of Art and History, Metz is also the economic engine of Lorraine, with both automotive and information technology industries. Its numerous green spaces are a marker of its urban ecology and with countless shops, museums, galleries and restaurants, a trip to this part of France is sure to be enjoyable, especially with the comfort of the Kyriad Metz Centre hotel.