Hotels Caen

An indomitable city, Caen has been built and rebuilt over centuries. Its historic landmarks are easily accessible from the city's three Kyriad hotels.

Situated 15 kmfrom the English Channel, along the northwestern edge of the French hexagon, Caen is the capital of the Lower Normandy region. With a population of about 117,000, it is the third largest city in Normandy, after Rouen and Le Havre. Caen has a long and dramatic history, punctuated by war, violence and destruction. William the Conqueror founded the city in the 10th century, and was buried there after his death.

The city was first devastated in 1346, during a military campaign led by King Edward III of England. Thousands of citizens were killed during the English invasion. Caen was again badly damaged in WWII, during an air assault by the Allied Forces, which destroyed 80% of the city. Only a few historical buildings were left standing, including the famous Abbaye aux Dames, located just a few minutes from the Kyriad Caen Centre Hotel.