Hotels Le Havre

As a major French port, Le Havre is a resilient and vibrant city steeped in history. Come visit and experience the Upper Normandy region.

Le Havre sits on the north-western coast of the French hexagon, facing the English Channel and bordered to the south by the Seine River. This city of about 180,000 is the largest in the Upper Normandy region and is home to France’s second-busiest port. A cliff divides Le Havre into an upper and lower city. The Kyriad Le Havre Centre Hotel is located in the lower area and the Kyriad Le Havre Montivilliers Hotel in the upper area.

Le Havre was founded in the early 16th century and, in 1564, an expedition departed to present-day Florida from its port, establishing Fort Caroline, the first French colony in the New World. Benefiting from trade with the New World, Le Havre grew during the 18th century and had become a major industrial centre by the 19th century. Most of the city was destroyed by bombing during the Battle of Normandy, though Le Havre has since been rebuilt.