Hotels Angers

Delve into one of France's most historic cities, Angers, with Kyriad Hotels

Located in western France, about 300km south-west of Paris, is the historic city of Angers. A stone tool found at the site indicates the first human presence in the area was 400,000 BC, but the first real inhabitants of the area were a Gallic Tribe called the Andecavi. The Gauls were overrun by the Romans, who named the city Juliomagus. The city suffered during the invasions of the Vikings which began in 845.

Situated on the River Maine, Angers was the seat of power for the House of Plantagenet, who ruled England from the 12th century. In 1204 the city was conquered by King Phillippe II. The enormous castle, the Chateau d’Angers, had its military role revived in the 20th when the Nazis used it to store ammunitions and explosives. These exploded and caused considerable damage to the historical building. Until the French Revolution, Angers was the seat of a celebrated 14th century university.