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Crossed by three rivers and a network of canals, Amiens is a mini-Venice with incredible landmarks. Visit the city to absorb its history first-hand.

Located in the northern tip of the French hexagon, Amiens lies in the Somme River basin, at its intersection with the Selle and Avre Rivers. The city, which has close to 140,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the Somme department in the Picardy region of France. Jules Verne, the second-most translated author in the world, is buried in the Madeleine Cemetery in Amiens, a short distance from the Kyriad North Amiens Hotel.

Amiens has been settled since prehistoric times, and was a part of the Roman Empire as well. The city became part of France relatively early, in the 12th century. Before joining the French kingdom, Amiens was invaded and conquered several times. The Alans, the Burgundians and the Vandals all controlled Amiens at one point in time, and the Normans sacked it twice in the 9th century, burning the city’s cathedral during their second invasion.