Hotels Chantilly

Marvel at the stunning architecture of Chantilly with a Kyriad Hotel break

Chantilly is a town in the north of France, 38km north of Paris. Chantilly is the centre of an urban area surrounded by six other communes and lies in the Parisian Basin at the south of the Picardy region. Chantilly belongs to the historic region of Valois.

The town grew around the Chateau de Chantilly, built in 1528, which was home to the Princes Of Conde, cousins of the Kings of France. Construction of the rue du Connétable in 1673 formed the seed for the town of Chantilly to grow around. The town become industrialised in the 17th century with lace-making, porcelain production and the construction of industrial buildings along the canal. These were built to utilise the natural power of the waterfall.