Hotels Nice

Explore the charming city of Nice. Whether a business break or holiday, Kyriad Hotels will make sure your stay is unforgettable! If you've always wanted to visit the beautiful French Riviera what are you waiting for ?

Nice, France'sfifth most populated city is located on the south east coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Like many of its neighbouring cities, Nice is part of the French Riviera and is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department, an area known for its mountainous surroundings. Often referred to as 'Nice la Belle', meaning 'Nice the beautiful' stunning views and warm weather make this city a great holiday destination. The city is made up of two large bays and here you'll find flora and fauna synonymous with a Mediterranean climate.

Rich in history, Nice is thought to be home to one of the earliest settlements in Europe. Founded by the Greek population of Marseille around 350 BC, it was named 'Nikaia' after 'Nike' the Greek Goddess of victory to coincide with their own victorious gain. Once property of Italian rule, Nice returned to France gain in 1860. An architectural wonder, the city's buildings and surroundings reveal a great deal of the vast past of this city. Today a contemporary vibe runs through Nice proving it to be an exciting place for business or leisure.