Hotels Montelimar

Get away from it all with Kyriad Montelimar Hotel for a relax break and a taste of French culture.

Montelimar is the second largest city in the Drome department in south-east France. There has been a settlement on the site since the Celtic era, and during the Roman reign over the area the town was rebuilt with typically Roman public buildings. These included aqueducts, a basilica, thermae and a forum. The Adhemar family ruled the area in the middle ages and have left the formidable Chateau des Adhemar as a reminder of their presence.

Montelimar is known as the nougat capital of the world and the sweet treat is a traditional gift for families holidaying in south-eastern France to bring back to friends or family. The town is situated in the Rhone-Alpes region and is perfect for experiencing southern French culture. Nougat, first made in Italy in the 15th century, arrived in Montelimar in the 18th century and since then has continued to be a mainstay of the town’s economy.