Hotels Indonesia

Indonesia is the World's Greatest Archipelago with more than 17 500 tropical islands. Located in the heart od the Pacific Asia, bordered by the Indian Ocean, this beautiful country is undoubtedly the perfect destination for those who love tropical islands, as well as incredible  and wild landscapes.

The country is home of over 700 ethnic groups, all well-known for their wide culture, friendliness and openess. Architecture is also an important part of the Indonesian culture, diplaying all over the country in Hindu & Buddhit monuments. Indonesian wildlife also is incredibility rich and gathers many kinds of exotic animals (komodo dragon, tigers, elephants, kangaroos, birds of paradise). The country is part of the Coral Trinagle thanks to its rich underwater biodiversity.

Weather you are visiting Indonesia for nature and adventure or for farniente and shopping, you may all find a reason to visit this beautiful country.