Hotels Lyon

Book now with Kyriad hotels for an unforgettable visit to one of France's most exquisite cities, Lyon, excellently located in the beautiful Rhone Alps region.

Located easily between other key areas such as Marseille and Paris, Lyon is France's third largest city. It has a unique appeal thanks to its fascinating elaborate history. Once prominent in Ancient Rome, Lyon remains lovingly preserved as a world heritage site, featuring Italian architectural influences and narrow streets in the old part of the town free from heavy traffic. In fact Lyon even boasts a large network of hidden passageways or 'Traboules' as the French call them, used hundreds of years ago for moving silk manufacturing materials and again in World War II as urgent escape routes during the resistance.

Just under a mile in length the old town is home to a multitude ofshops, cafes and galleries to explore. Beyond the centre, Lyon also offers a variety of exquisite gardens to behold in addition to panoramic views of Lyon's religious architecture, colourful houses and charming local rivers, best seen high up on the city's surrounding hills.