Jinjiang Inn Jilin Songyuan Qianguo

No. 288, Hasa'er Road, Songyuan, Jilin Province
By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Jinjiang Inn Jilin Songyuan Qianguo boasts mild climate, advantaged natural ecological environment and pleasant landscape, and is neighboring Hasa'er Road Business District, the prosperous commercial center of Songyuan. It adjoins Hasa'er Square, Chagan Lake and other major tourist attractions, as well as Songyuan University. As the new commercial center of Songyuan, Hasa'er Road is featured by convenient transportation and frequent business activities, which make it the prime location to hold commercial meetings, travel and do shopping. Jinjiang Inn Jilin Songyuan Qianguo has business rooms, standard rooms and business suites customized for business persons. In the business room, the office facilities are complete and the office environment is spacious and bright. All of your mobile office demands are met with good preparation by the Hotel. In order to enable you to have more sufficient energy in work on the next day, the Hotel has specially designed unit bathroom for business person, enough to eliminate the fatigue after whole day's working; we have specially selected comfortable mattress for you, which is supported with Somerelle quilt to keep warm and Somerelle pillow to protect your noble neck, so that you can sleep well; the Hotel room highlights humanized and professional design, so that you can feel like staying in the comfortable and cozy home. In terms of safety, the Hotel engineer has considered every detail for you. Every part of the Hotel's building has passed strict strength test; and comprehensive control system has been established, so that you can feel assured during the stay; in addition, all decorations and furniture of the Hotel have passed strict environmental detection, thus high-quality guarantee has been provided for your healthy accommodation; moreover, the Hotel also spares on efforts in preparing your next breakfast. Calculated by Jinjiang Chef nutritionist, your nutrition for a whole day can be obtained from over 20 kinds of food in breakfast, adding guarantee for your health. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Jilin Songyuan Qianguo. Jinjiang Inn is the best and happiest harbor in your travel, and the best choice in your travel life.
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    Articles like hair dryer, iron, concentrator, reticle and movable laundry rack can be rented. Free articles renting and laundry service - Hotline 1. For overseas: +86 400 820 9999 Or +86 21 3216 9888 2. Working time : 9:00 am-5:30 pm Monday to Sunday - Email 1. Email address: cc@jj-inn.com 2. Working time: 9:00 am-5:30 pm Monday to Sunday
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